March 2014

Debunking The Myths Of Whole Life Insurance

The folks over the The White Coat Investor have put together a comprehensive review of what Whole Life Insurance really is and all the tricks insurance salesmen will use to get you to sign up. This is a must read for anyone considering whole life insurance!

Give Fees an Inch, and They'll Take a Mile - NY Times

This is an important article in the New York Times about the effect of fees on performance. It shows the effect of how just 1% in annual fees costs a portfolio it terms of direct and oppotunity cost. Also, there is a good break down of the different types of fees that investors should be on the look out for when making decisions.

Performance Simulation of Technical Analysts Second Year, Market Timing

Another article written by Dr. Bidwell as a follow up to first study on market timing.

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A Performance Simulation of Technical Analysts

An in depth study on market timing trading techniques, this is an Article written by the firms own, Clinton Bidwell III PhD.

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Bidwell Doeswell

Click the picture below to check out our article in the Honolulu Star-Bulletin!


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