Active Equity Management

Whether you’re an individual or institution looking for an active stock manager and better returns than index funds, consider our active portfolio management. Our active equity management focuses on the US large cap and small cap markets. We seek to beat your chosen market benchmark.

How We Manage

Here at C.M. Bidwell & Associates, we use a quantitative model to select stocks for client portfolios. This model, started by Dr. Bidwell prior to opening the business in 1979, seeks to exploit known inefficiencies in the stock market. Since then, we have remained focused on market anomaly research to continually improve our quantitative model. This focus is what allows us to adapt to the ever changing world of investing and to continually produce results.  

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What We Do Better

Here’s what makes us better: 

  • Academic: We maintain are objectivity by sticking to what the research has shown us, without blindly following the newest trends or following the hunches of the talking heads on television.
  • Asset Allocation: We're not only an active stock manager but a financial planner as well. Quite often our clients can maintain a diversified portfolio while having a portion of their money actively managed.
  • Competitive Fees: As a smaller firm, we can charge lower fees. Lower fees mean better returns. Who doesn't like that?
  • Experience: Our employees have a desire to continue learning and many years of experience. Our dedication makes us better at managing money.
  • Flexible:  We currently work with and can work with a number of various banks and custodians. If you don't want to move your account you might not need to, we might be able to work with your custodian.
  • Performance: As we've been in business for many years, we have a long track record to back us up. Ask us to see our historical performance and how we can help you achieve your goals.