Low Fees

Many investors place a low priority on the fees they pay to investment advisors and the products their money is placed in. When you make a purchase (home, car, etc.) you consider the price you pay and the fees involved. The same thought process should be used for selecting financial advisors.

Why fees matter

Fees can have a dramatic impact on your overall financial wealth and thus a dramatic impact on how you live. By taking the time now to find an advisor who values your wealth more than their own is one of the most important decisions you can make for your financial future. 


What we can do for you


As we are a small firm without lavish office spaces to maintain or profit demanding shareholders to answer to, we can offer lower fees and competitive returns.

Emphasis on lower fees

Fees are one of the few certain things in the world of investing. Higher fees do not equal better performance. However, it does mean less money in your pocket. We seek to lower fees wherever possible.


The fees you pay your advisor should be clear and transparent. Likewise, the investments your money is placed in should not have hidden fees and/or hidden commissions. We actively avoid these deceptive investments. In keeping with transparency, our fees are below.

Our Fees

The per annum rates for management of accounts are as follows:

For passively managed (fixed income, mutual funds and etfs, etc.) portfolios:
•    0.500% of assets on first $5 million
•    0.425% of assets on next $5 million
•    0.375% of assets thereafter
For actively managed individual stock portfolios:
•    1.00% of assets on first $5 million
•    0.85% of assets on next $5 million
•    0.75% of assets thereafter
Notwithstanding the above fee schedules, all fees are negotiable.
It is important to note that there may be other fees that a client pays such as the mutual fund fees, brokerage fees, and custody fees.